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Share Your Horoscope by Susan Miller This month, Venus will go retrograde beginning October 5 and continuing until November 16, adding more weeks to the slow pace. This will not affect your career, but rather your home and family life. Venus rules your fourth house of home, so if you were planning to sell, buy, renovate, or decorate, you would be wise to put those plans on hold. Put a big star on October 29, when Mercury will conjoin Jupiter. This is the gold standard aspect that is outstanding for signing documents. If you can wait until this date, do so.

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Cancer Daily Horoscope: Free Cancer horoscopes, love horoscopes, Cancer weekly horoscope, monthly zodiac horoscope and daily sign compatibility Read all of today’s Cancer Horoscope, including the Daily Outlook and Romantic Compatibility.

This Week in Astrology This Month: By mid-February, you’ll be feeling freer and more confident about going after what you want. The New Moon on January 16th sets the tone for the second half of January and the first half of February, and while it doesn’t have eclipse status, it’s a significant lunation. It’s a time for making things fair, balanced, and in good working order. Supporting your goals are Mars and Jupiter in your creative and romantic sector.

Cosmic support for your efforts to balance your relationships is with you, and being active with others is part of this, leading to benefits. You’re in a strong position for finding satisfying ways to express yourself uniquely or creatively. You’re learning to connect more deeply with your heart’s desire this month and beyond. Whenever there is a substantial emphasis on Capricorn in your chart, challenges are coming from your career and reputation sector although this longer-term influence is on its way out this year and will leave permanently in March

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The powerful sexual attraction is a usual thing for these two signs. A problem is that sexual attraction fades in the face of many temperamental differences. Aries leaps without looking; Cancer is cautious. Cancer loves hearth and home; Aries hates being tied down. Resentments build up and they argue over trifles. The discrepancy between their temperaments results in the strengthening of incompatibility in bed.

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November holds good energy for a fresh start in a romantic relationship or creative project, dear Cancer, but also increasing focus on work, health, and habits as it progresses. Some significant shifts are occurring that introduce new themes into your life encouraging improved attitudes towards your work and routines, as well as about your independence and effectiveness! While the energies of the month are not especially concentrated, there is a significant emphasis on your solar sixth house, which turns your attention to work, health, routines, services you render, daily affairs, diet, and habits more frequently than not.

While it can be a time for managing and improving any of these things, it can also be a time when you discover areas of dissatisfaction which drive these improvements and refinements. You may be reworking projects or returning to old jobs that need attention in the second half of the month in particular. Fortunately, you’re very often enjoying yourself as you do, especially from the 8th forward, when Jupiter joins this area of your chart.

Jupiter spends thirteen months in a sign before moving to the next one, and this sign change happens on November 8th. Jupiter begins a year-long transit of your work, health, and services sector then. As well, health is likely to improve in the year ahead–you might especially enjoy helping and supporting others. There can be a stronger interest in nutrition, cleaner living, and fitness. Playing a supportive role can be draining if taken to an extreme, but if you draw your boundaries and don’t overdo it, it can contribute to a stronger feeling of being needed.

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Share to Tend and befriend, Cancer, even if you can hardly find a blank space in your overloaded calendar. As Wednesday’s quarter moon in Taurus activates your communal eleventh house, being around people—YOUR kind of people—is the best stress-reduction technique on the market. Instead of trying to see everyone individually a recipe for insanity ATM organize a group hang. Intimate discussions are fun, but how about some intimate distractions instead? Sharing an enriching cultural experience—an author lecture and book signing, live music, a feminist film—will give your friends so much more to talk about than the latest drama and also spare you hours of playing unpaid therapist for the perpetual self-sabotagers in your squad.

Cancer Love and Relationships Horoscope: You need to learn to keep calm and be as patient as you can while dealing with your loved one. This will ensure that harmony prevails in the relationship. This will ensure that harmony prevails in the relationship.

You need to exercise good control over your temper to progress in life. Being patient and determined will make everything alright. You might have slight difficulty in coping up. Aries Career and Business Horoscope: You need to be very patient and calm while dealing with people. Being polite and nice to people will enable you to gain their goodwill. Aries Love and Relationships Horoscope:

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The next 12 months will bring the time for you to focus on your health and well-being. You may decide to exercise and lose weight. You may decide to take on supplements or vitamins to take care of your health and well-being. It is also a time for you to work hard for the money and you may run into some great opportunities to make bonuses, commissions and sales.

You may run into some great job opportunities and this could also bring more than one job to you.

More in Cancer, Cancer Man, Cancer Sign, Cancer Woman, Dating astrology, love, love horoscopes, Love sex and your sign, Love signs Dating Gemini in Astrology If you only have five minutes to get to know somebody, their Sun Sign is an excellent guide.

An intense new Scorpio moon on November 7 puts you in touch with your sensual side, and you have an alluring effect on those around you. Powerful Mars enters sensitive Pisces on the fifteenth, which puts you in a very romantic mood, but toning down the aggressiveness will be necessary for successful encounters. Do you have any regrets?

However, you might just be putting off the inevitable. Stay alert and curious. When you demand a quick “Yes” or “No” answer and simple explanation, consult your Instant Answer Tarot. Then November is your month! Your home planet of Uranus is retrograde when it enters energetic Aries on November 6, so you meet challenges head-on and like to find different ways to approach your problems.

Issues from the past are likely to resurface now, but luckily you have the unique energy to deal with them. Just making the effort to heal past hurts puts you one step closer to being whole again. The sun moves from intense Scorpio to fun-loving Sagittarius on November 22, and your love life thrives under this lighter, more free-spirited energy. Good thing you have some serious luck on your side right now, guiding the way toward romantic success.

Venus, your home planet, goes direct in harmonious Libra on November 16, giving you a much-needed balanced perspective on your love life. Neptune has been traveling in dreamy Pisces for quite some time, and it starts heading direct on the twenty-fourth.


Weekend Monday, November 5, Farewell, friend zone! Under today’s glowing trine between the Scorpio Sun and soulful Neptune, a connection you thought was platonic could turn decidedly romantic. Why not go with it? The best relationships are often rooted in friendship first.

Love Horoscope for Cancer Cancers benefit from one of the most fun transits for love and entertainment in until November 8th: Jupiter in the solar fifth house. First off, Jupiter transiting in harmony with your sign has you giving off easygoing, happy, and sincere vibes.

Free Taurus man and Cancer woman compatibility horoscope This union has the potential to become solid and lasting: Water and Earth cannot exist without each other, and although sometimes water leaves the Earth, turning into vapor, in the end, it always comes back to Earth in the form of life-giving rain. It is Water that turns the Earth into a blooming garden, it is the Cancer woman that can make this a happy union.

The zodiac sign Taurus feels quite pacified in a marriage with a Cancer woman: The Taurus man found in his beloved understanding and support he needs. Both partners aspire for stability in life and comfort at home, they will work tirelessly to create a reliable rear and secure the family’s future. Both the Taurus man and Cancer woman are constant in feelings, they are not inclined to rushing from side to side.

A quiet, peaceful, homely warmth and happiness hover in their family. A Cancer woman has a much higher sensitivity than her lover.

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Kathy Freeman Last Updated November 9, , 3: Quit sulking and get ready to take your love life by storm! Here are just some of the things that you can look forward to this You will be working together as partners, and you will be celebrating your achievements together as partners.

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Cancer Weekly Love Horoscope Week of March 3, As you move towards the end of the week, you’ll see your love life spicing up as Venus moves into the more intimate areas of your chart. This is the week to to get adventurous and try new, sexier things with your parter. You’ll have fun and your relationship will relationship will benefit. About Cancer Cancer’s are trusting, private, dreamers.

They tend to be somewhat nurturing, protective, and overemotional. They are true friends though and believe that your home is your sanctuary. Cancer’s often feel the need to be loved, but must be careful of not making their partners overly dependent on them. They are very loving in romantic relationships and tend to be creative, allowing for those romantic gestures that their partners crave.

The complimentary relationship between earth and water brings about an understanding and easiness in a romantic relationship. These signs all look for a loving relationship and happy family life. Read more about Cancer matches or find out your cancer love horoscope compatibility with other zodiac signs.

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However, with the Sun still in a playful part of your chart, he is just as determined to see you embrace the weekend spirit. The fight to maintain a balance between work and play has officially begun, with both sides appreciating the benefits of getting it right. Tomorrow’s Forecast It was only five days ago that the lunar nodes returned to police a balance between your personal and relationship needs, but the Moon is already putting this to the test.

The Moon returns to your relationship sector every four weeks, touching base with powerful forces in play on the relationship front. Yet the North Node’s return to Cancer five days ago, means that this can no longer be just about your relationships, with a push back that is asking ‘what about me’? This is something that both you and your relationships will benefit from, but is a journey and not something to be solved or understood, overnight.

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While Saturn will encourage you to get your relationship affairs in order, the presence of Jupiter in Scorpio, the pleasure zone of your solar suggests that this can still be a fun time but sooner or later you may have to get serious. With Jupiter and Neptune in harmony with your Sun sign, this can indicate increased emotional, artistic and psychic sensitivity and inspiration so be sure to find creative outlets for your talents and explore your mystical and spiritual interests.

The Nodes are encouraging you to simplify your financial affairs and to become more independent while both Uranus and Neptune are encouraging you to explore and embrace people, places and pastures new. Saturn’s influence in Saturn’s takes approximately 30 years to travel the 12 signs of the zodiac, spending approximately two and a half years in each Sun sign. At the end of Saturn left Sagittarius, where it had been since the end of , for Capricorn, where it will be until the end of December Sagittarius is one of the work zones of your solar chart, the one most associated with your habits and the routine day-to-day elements of what you do.

Your opposite sign of Capricorn is the area of your solar chart associated with your relationships, emotional, romantic and professional and your general day-to-day dealings with others. Others may play the role of Saturn in your life. You may have closer and more intimate dealings with Saturnine individuals, more serious, sober types who remind you of your duties, responsibilities and who may at times appear to slow you down which might sometimes be a good thing.

You may get involved with more mature, older, hardworking people who exemplify the merits or self-disciple, self-control, determination and persistence. Wherever Saturn is transiting is where we need to pay attention and where it is time for a spring clean. Since Capricorn is the relationship zone of your solar chart, this may be a testing time for some relationships.

Saturn may bring some goodbyes, some heartfelt, some long overdue.

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Even so, you can be very busy making adjustments and fixing problems before things run smoothly. Later in the year, creative and romantic life improves. In many ways, is about establishing yourself. Streamlining and simplifying your daily routines makes sense now. Orderliness will be empowering, and paying close attention to deadlines, details, and rules will help tidy up your mind and emotions so that you feel freer to enjoy yourself when pleasure calls, which it is likely to do frequently this year!

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Putting too much effort into work may cause a hindrance for a Cancer romance. Not only may a Cancer have a very active social life but their partner may also be active so that might not leave enough time for romance. A Cancer couple may be too busy to date since they will both have other things going on. Any pregnancy should be put off during the month of September as well. A Cancer needs to be cautious this month because relationships can have many misunderstandings.

Monthly Horoscope August Cancer is in a favorable period for reflection since, in the month of August, Pluto will be far off and will not be favoring the Cancer love and sex life. If you are a single man or woman, you might have an unexpected date or a hot sexual one-night-stand, but it will probably not become a long-lasting relationship. Those of Cancer who are not happy with who you are dating or in a difficult relationship might take the time to evaluate if they should try to mend the relationship or simply move on.

Venus will transit through Cancer until August 25th, and those of Cancer will have no difficulty finding hot sex and love until then. If you are single, August is a great month for finding a date, a serious relationship or even your life-long partner.

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