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Opening Remarks Representative from Japanese electric utilities One-on-one Business Meeting begins One-on-one Business Meeting continues Closing Remarks Japanese business representative Departments of Commerce and Energy. At that time, representatives from 12 Japanese electric power providers and representatives from U. To maintain the enthusiasm shared by the U. These conferences usually consist of annual, half- or full-day events in Tokyo, hosted by CS Tokyo and consisting of keynote speeches, name card exchange, a networking lunch or reception, and one-on-one business matchmaking meetings. The NOA Conference was suspended in and in the wake of the March earthquake and tsunami, and reconvened in We continue the upcoming 33rd NOA Conference in , with more focus on business matchmaking sessions.


In each game mode teams work together to achieve a victory condition, typically destroying the core building called the Nexus in the enemy team’s base after bypassing a line of defensive structures called turrets, or towers. In all game modes, players control characters called champions, chosen or assigned every match, who each have a set of unique abilities. Gaining champion levels in matches allows players to unlock their champion’s special abilities and augment them in a number of ways unique to each character.

If a champion loses all their health, they are defeated, but are automatically revived in their base after enough time passes. Players also begin each match with a low amount of gold, and can earn additional gold throughout the match in a variety of ways:

In a pre-E3 EA press conference full of some of the biggest hitters in the industry, it was surprise announcement A Way Out that left an impression with many gamers once the show had closed. A.

Upon graduation, students receive formal investiture as cantor and then become eligible for membership in the American Conference of Cantors, the professional organization for cantors. The School of Sacred Music was established in as a response to the “growing number of Reform congregations American synagogues in the mid-twentieth century were increasingly populated by second generation American Jews and Jews who viewed themselves as fully American.

These communities could no longer relate to the European-trained cantors of their communal past. Judah Cohen observes that “the American cantorial school rose on the crest of both a revival and reevaluation of the cantor in the postwar era. Placing standards of cantorial knowledge and ability within a curricular framework,” the School of Sacred Music “attempted to improve the cantor’s religious standing.

While the school’s founders, including the influential members of The Society for the Advancement of Jewish Liturgical Music, articulated their desire to create a cantorial school for all of American Jewry, particular attention was given to serving the Reform Movement’s specific needs since the SSM’s inception. HUC Dean Franzlblau conducted an exploratory survey of North American Reform congregations to gauge their “receptivity to cantor-educators in The school’s earliest curriculum responded to this need, training what were called “cantor-educators,” or cantors with additional training in education.

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The Healthcare Technologies of the Future Conference , sponsored by MIT and Oxford University, offers a one-day opportunity to engage with two of the worlds most renowned universities to explore the many ways healthcare will be transformed. The conference will feature key opinion leaders from both universities, industry leaders, and startup company executives connected to Oxford and connected to MIT who are working to make this future a reality.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest healthcare technologies, discuss collaborative opportunities over lunch, and network with academic leaders, healthcare providers, investors, and global industry partners. On-site registration is on a space-available basis. The ILP helps company executives monitor MIT research developments, identify MIT resources of interest to member companies, arrange expert face-to-face meetings with MIT faculty, and advise members on research sponsorship and technology licensing opportunities.

Esports (also known as electronic sports, e-sports, or eSports) is a form of competition using video games. Most commonly, esports takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players. Although organized online and offline competitions have long been a part of video game culture, these were largely between amateurs until the late s.

Young Innovative Entrepreneurs showcased in the Barents Reunion For the sixth year in a row Barents Reunion convention gathered influential people of the Barents area together on June 12th and 13th in Tornio, Finland. The topic for the convention was “Transforming trade barriers into boundless opportunities”. This year as a part of Barents Reunion convent Young Innovative Entrepreneurs project organized a Youth Workshop for it’s participants.

The idea was to think how we could turn the existing challenges into opportunities in the future. Some of the most important discussion topics were growing the attraction of the Barents region so that the talented youth of the area would prefer staying here in the future and how to make the Barents region better known globally. It was great to see that at the end of the first workshop session the list of opportunities of the Barents region became much longer than the list of challenges.

After brainstorming together the participants of the workshop divided into two groups to discuss different matters: As a part of the presentation a new Facebook page, Connecting Barents , was launched.

Conference Connexity: Delivering on Your Networking Promise

There was a map named “Train Station,” which was created in but was released before the New Year celebrations in After the release, a bug had been noticed; the prop of the tower could be shot through with Shaft. Two days later, the use of this bug became punishable and a week after that, the bug had been completely fixed.

Attendance at the Annual Conference is limited to 1, individuals and is balanced among CLM Members and Fellows. The CLM Annual Conference will be held in San Antonio from April Registration opens on December 1,

Rood would like his precision machine shop to do business with more prime contractors like MOOG. Laura Gloss knew what she wanted. It was a match made in South Portland — one of many happening Wednesday. About of those small-business people were from Maine. The matchmaking on Wednesday was part of a three-day conference. Federal agencies and contractors working on U. Instead of working for days, weeks or even months to track down the right person to talk to at a prime contractor or agency, small businesses had an opportunity to spend a day meeting with them in minute sessions.

Rood attended a similar event in and had a Vermont-based aerospace customer about four months later. Employees, most of them ATX workers who were laid off, remotely access and service computer systems across the country, working on the telecom infrastructure put into place by FairPoint and GWI.


This post was originally published on July 11, and has been slightly edited. It requires that we adjust, engage and sustain each of our nine brain areas involved in attention. Ultimately, we need a highly disciplined internal state and the right brain chemical balance to maintain attention.

We’re putting a spotlight on the two manufacturing mainstays making businesses more flexible, agile, collaborative, and lean. The smart manufacturing and 3D printing focus at MD&M West features cutting-edge suppliers, more than 30 hours of free Expo education, and deep-dive conference sessions.

Livestock farmers, fisherpeople, teachers, bakers, chefs, specialty food producers, brewers, distillers, winemakers, retailers, and even bankers convened at the event for a weekend of food business education. Panels covered such topics as growing a food business and social responsibility. Here are a few takeaways on how to help your business flourish. A brand is a promise; a good brand is a promise well kept. In the first panel of the day, Growing a Food Business, Daniel Lubetzky of Kind Healthy Snacks explained his belief that it takes discipline to be true to the process of creating a brand.

He shared a story about a product he created that didn’t fit his brand’s promise; he took it out of production, but he keeps the package on his desk as a reminder to himself to be faithful to his vision.


However, the reality show Dating Naked, caught my attention. Not just because it is yet another show featuring naked people, but because the concept of a potential couple meeting for the first time without clothing is intriguing to me as a matchmaker. Nudity renders most people vulnerable , literally and figuratively open and stripped of masks and illusions.

Since , BSR Innovation Express have funded projects supporting the internationalisation of SMEs through clusters. Get insights to the learnings Participation in the Cluster Matchmaking Conference is free of charge but requires registration. In case of.

It is her mission and that of her team to unearth the potential of companies by unburdening their talent. With thought-provoking content and immediately-actionable tools, she has become a nationally-recognized expert in coping with the Age of Overload in which we all live and work. Juliet helps attendees learn the pivotal difference between meaningless activity and true productivity. She teaches a streamlined method for personal process improvement, leading to more creativity and engagement.

She helps executives, managers and teams answer the critical question, “What thoughts deserve my full attention today? Yet beneath her powerful assets, she is both authentic and accessible. As a busy corporate speaker and consultant, business owner, wife and mother of three young boys, she practices on a daily basis the WhiteSpace concept she shares with clients.

Welcome to “Young Innovative Entrepreneurs” project!: June

What is Talk B2B software? B2B matchmaking software Web and mobile platform covered Easy to manipulate, intuitive user interface Many successful implementations Talk B2B is web and mobile platform, and belongs to the category of B2B matchmaking events brokerage events software. It is the perfect tool for trade fairs, conferences, networks and specialist groups Who are we?

We are specialized in design and development of bespoke web, desktop and mobile applications and websites. Since we have successfully delivered dozens of projects for domestic and foreign clients. We are ISO certified in:

Transcript of BUSINESS MATCHMAKING FORUM ECUADOR BUSINESS GOALS IN ECUADOR Entrepreneurs and new enterprises play a critical role in the development and well-being of their societies; hence, explore and evaluate the role of entrepreneurship in national economic growth, was a priority for the Espae in its latest report “Monitor.

Learn about possibilities for fundraising and investments in IT projects from well-known serial entrepreneurs and investors, while expanding your international network at FudraiseIT conference. This is a cost and time-effective way to discover new business and cooperation opportunities while expanding your contact network. See the profiles from the previous event HERE. FundraiseIT conference During the conference you will be involved in the direct communication channel with competent well-known serial entrepreneurs and investors from Silicon Valley and Europe.

In the live discussions panels among successful entrepreneurs and investors you will be able to hear some interesting personal stories, information about various investing models, fundraising methods, success stories, experiences and valuable tips. Investment evening The whole day program on day two will be completed with investment evening where the most interesting regional IT projects will be pitched in front of domestic and foreign investors and representatives of investment funds.

After such an intensive working day we will invite all the participants and guest to the big farewell party, to continue talks and make new contacts in the relaxing famous Belgrade night life atmosphere.

2013 Matchmakers Conference