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By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more Hold your horses, Olly: Tech fails that ruined people’s lives The poor, overlooked bedside lamp. Natural wake-up lights that are gentler than an alarm; dimmable lamps for just the right amount of light, no electrician in sight; night lights and groovy lamps for kids or big kids, and downright grown-up lamps to fit into the most elegant or cutting-edge of interior themes. Not on our watch. This thoroughly modern statement lamp is available in uber-trendy copper or chrome, and offers some serious style wattage with its distinctive cutouts, light-refracting interior beads, and reflective finish.

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Red Verified Purchase Sooo the lamp came in today. It comes in neat box and is well-packed. First thing that annoyed me is that each arm of the lamp is wrapped in nylon, which is impossible to take off without cutting with scissors or a cutter. This may damage the finishing of your lamp so you have to be very careful.

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Share Now The head of state and assorted generals and apparatchiks cluster round a screen much as Obama and his staff did to watch the death of Osama bin Laden. But Creon and his household are in a dismal bunker, a war HQ with all the charm and comfort of eastern Europe in the s. The story of Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus who defied her uncle, Creon, to bury her defeated brother Polynices against the decree of the state, is familiar both in itself and for its cultural impact.

Often revived, discussed by philosophers including Hegel and referenced by artists — among them Seamus Heaney and Athol Fugard, whose prison characters in The Island acted it out — Antigone speaks directly to us. This is in no small part because the gods have less of a presence than they do in other Greek tragedies; the faults and responsibilities of the characters are their own.

It goes without saying that these ideas are in daily contention around the world. Antigone might be a freedom fighter or a problematic rebel, a heroine or a threat to order. Creon might be a power-hungry autocrat or a leader faced with the need to establish peace in Thebes after the chaos of civil war. The period shift strips away distancing ritual without providing insistent modern parallels.


Established in by the master Giuseppe Ostuni, Oluce is the oldest Italian lighting design company that is still active today. As early as , Oluce registered a success at the IX Triennale lighting section, with an indirect incandescent luminator designed by Franco Buzzi. The company quickly achieved international through Domus magazine.

In two other mentions followed in rapid succession:

Hundreds of these lamps (hollow worked stones) have been found in the Lascaux caves in modern day France, dating to about 15, years ago. Oily animals (birds and fish) were also used as lamps after being threaded with a Rating: % positive.

Imaginative minds from business, education and the creative industries came together and the Creating Balance exhibition was born. CREATIVE A selection of the Anglepoise-inspired art created in and around Portsmouth The year-long collaboration between lamp designer Anglepoise, the University of Portsmouth and community group Strong Island resulted in a colourful collection that reached the London Design Festival in September and will be back in the city on show for six weeks in the new year.

Claire Sambrook, senior lecturer from the School of Creative Technologies and project leader, said: This was fascinating in itself; design company I Love Dust has a skate ramp in their studio and artist Will Pounds has a studio which overlooks the Solent. Showcasing photography at the exhibition will allow viewers to see behind the scenes. The aim of the project was to explore the true meaning of balance at work and in life.

Entertainment technology student, Jack Daly, was one of the photographers who took part in the project. He was paired with artist My Dog Sighs.

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COM to bring you an exclusive weekly column. It’ll provide genuine, approachable insider tips on how to effectively enhance your living space. Something we could all use a bit of expert assistance with You need a task lamp to help you complete them quickly and efficiently and prevent you developing a banging headache.

Choose it carefully, and that lamp can establish your credentials as a man who knows his stuff when it comes to design.

Product Focus – &Tradition Blown Pendant  Blown pendant was Samuel Wilkinson’s first lamp for &tradition and was released in  The mouth-blown glass pendant has a quilted pattern and comes in two versions: translucent with a silver lustre and sandblasted white.

For many, the idea of rich mahogany-clad walls, a roaring fire, a captains chair and desk, and infinite bookcases is a true dream, and one that may take a lifetime to achieve. Wall Space Firstly, one must imagine the space a hand, be it a second bedroom, or a vast hall, there are many significant yet simply ways to achieve the wonder of a personal space.

Traditionally, wood cladding has been used for walls, and if not, then simply entire floor to ceiling bookcases. The most important feature of the study must always be the desk and chair, and we particularly like this combination. For the most part, overhead ceiling lights are best avoided, unless you invest in warming bulbs and the highest-quality shades. Instead opt for uplighting — either wall or floor mounted, this immediately adds ambience to to the space, making it feel warm, personal and the ideal space to spend your time.

As for other lighting, a desk lamp in vital, and the most masculine and beautiful is Anglepoise, we particularly like this one. For many, the literary collection is a lifelong task, buying and reading until you have an entire library. Like money, books must be kept in constant circulation… A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold.

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Moving heads in a photo studio set. Illuminating subject from beneath to achieve a heightened dramatic effect. Lighting illuminates the performers and artists in a live theatre, dance, or musical performance, and is selected and arranged to create dramatic effects. Stage lighting uses general illumination technology in devices configured for easy adjustment of their output characteristics.

Art Deco Lighting Company specialise in Art Deco lamps and lighting, with an eclectic mix of original period lighting, handmade bespoke luminaries and industrial lighting. – Anglepoise Desk lamp, – Anglepoise Desk lamp.

From mid-century modern classics to rustic vintage industrial. The gorgeous little work stool likely came from a workshop or factory. The vintage leather medicine ball also has a very attractive patina — like a freshly-fallen conker! It would still function perfectly well for its original use; i. It looks great amongst other vintage sports items or alongside a stack of vintage leather cases. We only pick these up when condition is very good.

Last, but not least — and dating from a similar era — we have a lovely vintage desk lamp produced by Prova. Have you come to a point where the excess, or lack of lighting, is driving you to distraction? If so, here are some tips on how to choose the right lighting for your space. As frustrating as this is, you begin to notice that other rooms have too much or too little illumination as well.

Begin with a thorough assessment of the entire home. Perhaps you should start with a quick understanding of some fundamental principles of lighting.

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An overview of the inventions which have changed the course of history [ ] But not the vacuum cleaner. For the best part of a century the basic design remained a dinosaur in the technological Lost World.

Characterised by a pioneering balance mechanism developed in the ’s and an engaging, dynamic form, British brand Anglepoise® produces an incomparable series of practical, energy-efficient task lamps, ideally suited for both domestic and commercial interiors.

I am not a restorer. Most of the time this is not the case! So heres what to look out for The three tier model: These will usually be aluminium as with most Anglepoise shades but on rare occasions they are sometimes Bakelite. There will be a large knurled screw adjuster about halfway up the lower part of the arm. The word Anglepoise is indented into this.

I say usually because on very early and very very rare examples the bolt had not yet been added. A wider one which holds the two outer springs in place and a smaller one that holds the middle spring. Sometimes this is not present and the wider bar holds all three, but in this case there should be a hole for the missing part. There are sometimes lamps that may appear to be older than they actually are.

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