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Recognize that you can't compare a long-distance relationship to one based on physical proximity. But you may be surprised how much a relationship can grow – if you work at it. Late-night talks and thoughtful letters can convey a lot of what is most important in the long-term: your goals, values and dreams.

Location: Crown Land in the Haliburton Highlands where I’ve done considerable hunting for both deer and bear, as well as some smaller stuff. That’s a little over a one-hour’s drive northeast of my home. I’d previously tested bullets for both velocity and other results at that location. I knew there were no hunters for moose or deer around since both seasons were over. Bear season was still on for a couple more weeks but no bear hunters were in the vicinity (except myself) and I still had an unfilled bear tag in my wallet, plus a small game ticket.

My now ex-girlfriend Amy saw me checking my sisters Facebook pics in the car one day..some of her more racy candids.. the scene involved a sunny St Paddy's day parade, in which my little sister gleamed with a mischievous, rosy cheeked grin. 5'3, long strawberry blond hair, pale white skin and freckles on her ski slope nose. Very slender, but for her milky b cups and athletic bubble butt ass, she was a stunner.

In the pic she wore fabric green pants, skin tight and clinging to every mouth watering curve. She had her back arched, sticking her ass out towards the camera. She had her head turned around so that she was facing the camera, her hand provocatively poking her lower lip in a gesture of mock innocence.

The cherry on top was that her gorgeous dark skinned Italian friend was groping onto my sisters ass from behind, visibly driving her middle and ring fingers into her young crack. A few lucky guys marched by, mouths agape at the lewd display being offered by two beautiful young teens.

I had often overheard my sisters friends compliment her on her particularly sweetly shaped ass. She had lots of friends, and garnered nonstop attention from guys, leaving many girls jealous.

Anyways Amy saw me looking at this pic on my phone one day and she didn't say anything, even though I thought for sure I was busted. It wasn't until months later we were in for middle of breaking up when she dropped it.

''I know you wanna fuck your sister... I see how you look at her sometimes you fuckin sicky!! Saw you checking her out on your phone. You're fucked, I'm tellin her!''

''No no wait don't do that! You'll break up our family!!''

She didn't care. I had hurt and betrayed her trust one time too many. She was angry and wanted to hurt me, so ostracizing me from my family was a good way to try and do that. She didn't have my sisters number but knew where she lived. It wasn't long before I heard my phone start to vibrate notifications and it was my sister Lindsey was texting me.

"Hey Paul your girlfriends acting like a weird bitch over here."

"Yeah we just broke up... She was really upset and talking a lot of crazy shit.." I responded, attempting to discredit any possible troubling revelations...

"Yeah i got that part..sorry to hear that you guys were doing good for a while there!"

"Thanks Linds, sorry you had to see that..."

She didn't mention me wanting her sexually, so I didn't press the issue...

Later that evening. I get another text from lil' sis.

"Me and some friends are getting together at the house, you should stop by and hang out for a bit!"

It wasn't overly unusual for me to hang out with my sister from time to time, but it rarely went beyond occasional indoor rock climbing sessions, or the odd family gathering. I didn't really hang out with any of her friends either but I had nothing going on that night anyway. Plus any chance to perve out on my super tight young sister would be welcomed.

"Yeah maybe I'll do that Linds." I responded.

Yeah I had pangs of guilt over my taboo fantasies from time to time, but they went away whenever I got a glimpse of her.. any man alive would jump at the chance to pump her juicy little taco.

I got to my parents' house around 9 pm, about an hour after she told me friends would be arriving. I noticed that the only car in the driveway was my sisters yellow hatchback. Hmm she must have picked some of her friends up... I used my house key and stepped into the house.

"Hey Linds!" I call out.

I stood in silence for a moment and heard the shower running upstairs. 'Ah she needs to soap that body down so my fat dick can slide in nice and clean..' I jokingly thought to myself as I untied my snowboots.

I was actually feeling a bit nervous, not sure what my ex had or hadn't said to her. I took a breath and thought it over... for all I knew my sister was into it too! We're the same blood and very similar personalities so I bet it's crossed her mind before...

It's true she's 21 and I'm 27, so I've had a few more years than her to descend into my depraved state of mind. On the other hand we're both attractive adults with high sex drives, and more than one of her boyfriends have looked fairly similar to myself... I also noticed my sisters tan snowboots were the only others at the door, I wonder where's her friends at...?

"Oh hey Paul I'll be down in a minute!" my sister called down to me from the top of the banister. She was grinned and waved at me from the top of the stairs, covered only by a towel.

"Drinks are in the fridge!" She added before heading into her room.

"Cool" I yelled back, and cracked myself open a brew. I had a bit of marijuana for later.. for helping to ease my transition back into single life.

It didn't look like Lindsey was expecting too many people over... not that she was one to ever plan or prepare many parties. She was very popular though, and frequently attended clubs and social gatherings, always posting pics of her many exploits on Facebook.

I took the moment waiting for my sis to reflect on our relationship. We weren't best friends but we did realize how similar we were, and from time to time joked about our messy rooms and moody temperaments. Truth is Lindsey could be a bit of a bitch a lot of the time, but it didn't stop people from wanting to hang around with her. It wasn't until more recent years that she started wanting to hang out with me on occasion.

I started noticing she would leave her freshly worn panties on the floor of our shared bathroom. She was 18 at the time and I was horny but unsure of how to respond to my emerging impure thoughts.

I remember how guilty I felt after I inhaled her strong musk for the first time... Her damp, slinky garment pressed into my nostrils and mouth; my boner was instantaneous, and I had become dizzy from the enormously deep breath and pussy fumes. Was she leaving me a gift? No probably just her being her usual lazy self.

I recalled a time after I had moved out of the house when I had come back to stay for a night. Lindsey had been using the guest room for the past couple days while her room was being painted. She was spending that night at a boyfriends however, so I was to use the guest room which she was supposed to have cleaned out for me. She pretty much did the job but happened to leave me a pair of her fresh, pussy stained panties on a chair... hard to miss just out in the open like that..

A few months later, we had started going indoor rock climbing together, often times with one or two of one of our other friends. She always wore skin tight black yoga pants leaving very little to the imagination. We all watched her nubile frame scramble up walls, stretching and leaping. She certainly wasn't shy about showing off her athletic physique.

My sis would gracefully ascend the rock courses, her muscular ass and thigh meat flexing and jiggling for all to see. It actually bugged me a little at how freely she displayed her body to everyone...

"Hey Paul!" My little sis cheerily greeted me as she bounced into the kitchen, snapping me out of my reminiscing.

"Hey Linds!" I got up and gave her a brief one armed hug, the other hand gripping my beer. She was in a closed purple robe, barefoot, hair up in a high ponytail and minimalist black eye liner. She smelled like flowers.

"Hope you brought your swimsuit, got the hot tub filling up."

"Yeah I wouldn't mind a dip... i thought your friends would be here by now.."

"Yeah they're coming by a bit later, they got held up out of town."

"Ah okay"

Lindsey opened up a beer of her own and took a big swig out of the bottle. She sat down across from me at the dinner table smiling, and we drank and chatted about life for a while.

She was a couple years deep into her schooling to become a psychologist. I was still doing private investigation work, with the odd general labour job to help make extra money. Rolling a joint as we caught up, we soon finished our beers and I suggested we go burn the joint out in the hot tub.

"That sounds so awesome right now!" She responded excitedly, sounding every bit like the youthful college girl she was.

I grinned and went upstairs, grabbed one of my dad's swim suits and quickly changed. I went back downstairs but was stopped short as I spotted my sis removing her robe out on the deck.

Watching her through the glass door from the darkly lit kitchen, she was stretching up on the balls of her feet to hang her robe up on a hook. I took a moment to drink in the sight. Her pale, round ass was gloriously exposed, her crack covered neatly by emerald green bikini bottoms, tied on at the sides. Her matching green top covered her firm, perky b cups. Picking up my jaw from the floor, I grabbed us both a beer, the joint and headed out into the chilly country air.

"Oh thank you for the beverage dear brother!"

"You're very welcome lil sis!" I happily replied as i handed her the drink. She had slipped into the tub and was seated at a jet. I climbed in after her. The heated outdoor tub felt great in the frosty night air. The stars were out in the sky adding to the lovely atmosphere, and I gazed up at them as I ignited my spliff.

"Beautiful night tonight." I said after a few moments of relaxed silence, passing the joint to her.

"I know it is!" She took a long slow pull of the marijuana cigarette and we clinked our bottles in a salute to good times. We chatted about rock climbing and sports until we finished the joint and the drink. Lindsey offered to grab more drinks and I agreed, joking about how I could get used to her being nicer to me like this.

"Only cuz you just broke up with your girl, don't get used to this bucko!" She playfully kicked some water into my face as she stepped out of the tub. Wobbling momentarily, Lindsay ran back into the kitchen To fetch the beers. The effect of the beers and weed combined with the hot tub was intoxicating. I was also getting horny with my sis parading her sweet goodies around just for her big bro, as it didn't seem like anyone else was showing up.

I thought back to what i knew about my sisters love life. I had seen her with boyfriends fairly regularly. I figured she'd been with about 4 or 5 different dudes that i knew of in the past few years.. I also got the impression she was a bit of a freak.. one time even hearing her comment on how she felt a little pain to be pleasurable.

One Christmas eve, with half the extended family trying to sleep over, my sweet little sister practically shook the house all night with sounds of her getting her little pussy pounded by a star football player.

Drum and bass music started up on the outdoor speakers, snapping me back to the present and the kitchen door slid open a few seconds later. I watched my sister hop towards the tub, her firm, goosebumped flesh glistening white in the moonlight. She handed me my beer and briefly swung her ass inches past my face as she climbed back into the pool. In one movement she spun around and sunk low into the seat of the tub, kicking her feet straight up in the air towards me, once again splashing me.

"Hey you're gonna spill the beers!"

"Better drink on up then bro!"

We both did just that and by 1030 we were feeling that euphoric buzz. The conversation finally turned towards my ex Amy, and all i had to offer were the typical cliché explanations... Lindsay began elaborating on Amy's earlier visit to the house.

"She said you loved me a lot more than a brother should.. haha what's she mean by that!" Lindsey said the last part while raising her beer to her lips, watching my reaction through widened eyes. She took a deep drink. My heart sped up and I suddenly felt myself becoming hot.

Did my little sister really just go there... after a moment that seemed like ages I finally respond:

"Uh ..she said that eh?... well... I might have,.. uh maybe inadvertently... given her that, er impression..." I stammered uncomfortably, and we both drank deeply for an awkward moment. Hypnotic electronic music still bumped in the background and our eyes once again met.

"...Hahaha!" we both started laughing.. Both attempting to break some tension and to give each other time to think of what to say or do next. Finally in my drunken high mind I thought to myself:

"Fuck it... "

"What was that?"

I had said that last 'thought' out loud.

"...uh yeah I mean you're my sister, but I admit part of me would love to just... " I trailed off and took and other gulp of my beer, finishing it. My sister looked at me with her sky blue eyes, a look of warmth and kindness on her intoxicated face.

"Whatever it is you want to tell me Paul, I'm your sister and I'll always love you unconditionally. Relationships will start and end but you'll always have your family."

Her words hung in the cool air for a moment, but managed to put me at ease. I still didn't want to presume anything and I certainly didn't want to ruin our sibling relationship just for a fuck.

"Hey you're friends aren't here yet -"

She cut me off by darting forward and planting a big open mouthed kiss on my face. I was shocked, but I kissed her back and soon we just let our bodies take over. We kissed for a few minutes in the tub, just beginning to explore each other.

"You sure you want to do this?' I stopped and asked her.

"Why not? No one knows except us, and I always thought you were sexy... big bro." She finished the sentence with a devilish grin and I needed no further confirmation. I pulled off her bikini top and tossed it on the lip of the pool.

Her newly exposed tits poked dollar sized pink nipples into my chest. I kissed my way down her long white neck, slowly making my way to her soft, supple bosom. I was trying to savour the moment in case she snapped out of whatever trance she was in, bringing this all to a stop. But it didn't happen.

I palmed and squeezed her firm breasts together. I pinched her nipples and hungrily sucked on my little sisters perky tits like a man possessed. I vacuumed pretty much her entire tit into my mouth, then did the same to her other, lightly raking my teeth over her nubile flesh globes, tasting their sweaty goodness. I finished by nibbling on her erect nipple and I felt her body jolt as she let out a gasping sigh, clutching on to my back, further pushing her breasts into my face.

I gripped her tiny waist, and enjoyed the sensation of sucking and playing with my gorgeous little sisters boobs. We were both getting very heated now, and I pulled away for a moment to suggest moving up to her room to continue this. She wordlessly nodded, smiling and biting her lower lip. We were both a little hazy but we knew what was happening. We both wanted it. Probably had for years.

We briefly dried off with towels and made our way inside. She walked in front of me up the stairs, swaying her ass in my face as she took each step.

As we went up the steps I recalled one time when I had been on the phone in the kitchen, and Lindsey had been goofing off with a girlfriend right beside me. She had somehow ended up stumbling backwards into me, pressing her youthful ass into my crotch for a brief, wonderful moment.

"Oops sorry Paul hahaha!"

I remember thinking damn...despite our height difference, hers and my genitalia line up perfectly together...

Now staring at her ass going up the steps, my dick was pretty much fully hard, and I reached out and gave my sisters taught ass a slap. I watched in delight as it made her squeal and jump.

She bounded up the rest of the stairs and I lunged after her, both excited with anticipation of what was to come. We blew through her door and fell onto her bed, immediately continuing exploring each others mouths with our tongues. I rolled on top of my sis, letting her feel a bit of my weight, and continued making out. My hand once again squeezed her breast, and I slid my hand down to her hip, feeling how soft her skin was.

Her closet light was on and we were able to see each other easily. I leaned back for a moment to further take in the sight of my younger sister, enticing me on her bed, practically begging me to continue giving her attention. I didn't want to make her wait. She lowered her gaze down to my straining shorts, eyeballing my bulge with animal need. I kicked off the shorts and let my stiff cock spring free.

I still hadn't gotten a proper grip on my sisters ass yet, but the knowledge of what was soon to be mine brought my loins to a boil. For years now we had been delaying gratification, too scared to break a rule set by society, but we were about to break that rule.

"You don't look like you're having any doubts about this.." my sister whispered excitedly.

"We only live once, and we aren't getting any younger" I reply with a broad grin. With that I pulled the string on her bikini bottoms and revealed my prize. Her entire mound was shaven bald except for a small, square tuft of light strawberry blond pubes above her puss.

Her soaking cunt is open for me, and I can see a fresh river of girl cream pump out of her clenching slit. Her hot pink inner folds are slick, lathered in her girl juices, and I begin to literally salivate.

The aroma hits me soon after, that of her sweat, and young musky sex. Her puffy mound sits prettily on top of her two fine hams of ass, squished into the bed. I stare at my spread little sis for a while until she finally gets impatient... she let's me know by pressing the ball of her foot onto my lips, and nudging my face.

"Snap out of it big bro! Your naughty little sister needs you to make her feel good..." she huskily breathed out the last part of that sentence and I needed no further encouragement.

I grabbed her ankle and sucked the big toe she was poking into my face. She gasped in surprised delight at this and I continued kissing and licking my way down her ankle and calf. I tasted her salty white inner thighs and felt the heat of her youthful vagina as I closed in on my target.

I breathed in her sweet bodily fragrance, mixed with a flowery perfume and my animalistic side was fully taking over my mind. I took my time lapping at the slippery folds of my sisters little box. Her toned body writhed and wriggled as I pleasured her tight snatch, tonguing her clit and sucking her labia.

She was moaning louder and louder after a few minutes, and I could tell she was close. She gripped me by my hair with both hands and buried my face deeper into her loins. Numb from her oozing pussy juices, as I spread my sister open with my fingers and licked her deeply.

I gripped my young sister by her outer thighs and swirled my tongue around her clit, finishing off with a sucking kiss. A few more reps of that and I felt her body start to tense up. Her muscles contracting, she squeezed my head between her strong thighs, and let out what seemed like a minute long:

"oooooh fuuuuuuu...!"

I was making my little sister have a very powerful orgasm, and a pool of puss juices had formed between the deep crevice of her ass cheeks, and the bed.

Her blind ecstasy had her grinding her swollen red pussy into my face with quite a bit of force. It took her a moment to come back down to earth before she released me from her glistening leg lock. Her body quivered and shook as the orgasm gradually began to die down. Her face was one of complete contentment.

If my dick was hard before it was raging stiff now.. I wanted my turn. She slowly looked up at me from her back as I knelt before her, and I was licking her cream off my lips. My cock stood straight out, bobbing to the beat of my heart, ready to be rewarded. My slutty little sis grinned wickedly and gripped the base of my shaft.

"Damn big bro, is this for me?"

Her delicate fingers squeezed my penis, and she eyed it up and down for a moment, even smelling it. She then slowly licked and kissed her way up and down the length of my nearly 8 inches, adding sultry eye contact.

Thank you so much for this, ..I’ve been in streams of tears..I felt the compassion running deep into my belly, there’s a quote in a course in miracles that says when the student is ready the teacher appears and I feel this was one of those perfect teaching/learning moments I felt I was forgiving all those moments I’d ever judged other teachers and myself, I have so many underlying issues that related to this post struggles with comparison etc and self criticism but I feel true compassion and loving yourself when you are hating yourself are so helpful and just being kind and saying it’s ok to be where you are xxx

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Moment Of Truth Lovin You Is Killin MeMoment Of Truth Lovin You Is Killin MeMoment Of Truth Lovin You Is Killin MeMoment Of Truth Lovin You Is Killin Me