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The Disney Channel has long been a popular favorite of both kids and adults all over the world. In fact, more and more people are getting into the hype of watching the latest shows featured on Disney Channel. With fun characters and every exciting storylines, Disney Channel shows are really considered top-of-the-line entertainment nowadays! And the hype does not end there at all because with these spectacular shows come so many fantastic Disney Channel games both kids and adults can enjoy!

It all began in a little Southeastern Texas town called Seadrift. With a population of just 2000, Seadrift was home to Yo'Daddy and his family of crabbers and fishermen. They labored in their boats year-round, catching oysters, crab and shrimp for the seafood industry. As toiling as the work was, every weekend the men would come home with their catch of the week to enjoy­ – they boiled crawfish and crabs, shucked raw oysters, grilled fresh fish – always with a beer in hand.

Water is the chief constituent in all drinks, and the primary ingredient in most. Water is purified prior to drinking . Methods for purification include filtration and the addition of chemicals, such as chlorination . The importance of purified water is highlighted by the World Health Organisation , who point out 94% of deaths from diarrhea – the third biggest cause of infectious death worldwide at million annually – could be prevented by improving the quality of the victim's environment, particularly safe water. [16]

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