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The leading source for amber gems is just west of Kaliningrad, Russia. The amber from this region is found in clay about 30 meters below the surface. The second largest source for amber is the Baltic region. Baltic amber originates from the seabed and is often found washed ashore. Baltic amber is known for its fine golden colors.

The Dominican Republic is known to have rare blue colored amber. Amber from the Dominican Republic is considerably younger than other amber varieties. Italy, Romania, China, Japan, Burma (Myanmar), Mexico, Canada and the United States are also known to have amber deposits.

Powers attributed to amber include love, strength, luck, healing, and protection, calming for hyperactivity and stressed nerves, finds humor and joy.  Legend says that Amber was believed to provide magicians and sorcerers with special enhanced powers.

mid-14c., "ambergris, perfume made from ambergris," from Old French ambre , from Medieval Latin ambar "ambergris," from Arabic 'anbar "ambergris." In Europe, the sense was extended, inexplicably, to fossil resins from the Baltic (late 13c. in Anglo-Latin; in English), which has become the main sense as the use of ambergris has waned. This formerly was known as white or yellow amber to distinguish it from ambergris , which word entered English early 15c. from French, which distinguished the two substances as ambre gris and amber jaune . The classical word for Baltic amber was electrum (cf. electric ).

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