Insects girl that sits there then you came my way - The Natural Phenomena of AntiGravitation and Invisibility.

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Earhart was the daughter of Samuel "Edwin" Stanton Earhart (1867–1930) and Amelia "Amy" (nee Otis ; 1869–1962). [10] She was born in Atchison , Kansas, in the home of her maternal grandfather , Alfred Gideon Otis (1827–1912), who was a former federal judge , the president of the Atchison Savings Bank and a leading citizen in the town. Amelia was the second child of the marriage, after an infant stillborn in August 1896. [11] She was of part German descent. Alfred Otis had not initially favored the marriage and was not satisfied with Edwin's progress as a lawyer. [12]

To the Lakota the most significant thing is Inyan's self-sacrifice in making the world. It is interesting that the prime mover of the universe is motivated by a desire to interact, and has to create a dynamic deity to continue creation. Duality, represented by day and night, is considered essential to this creation. Skan, Father Sky, resembles Zeus, and even creates for himself a daughter, the beautiful Wohpe, patron of beauty, harmony and pleasure - very like the Greek Aphrodite, daughter of Zeus: harmony springs from judgement. This myth is also interesting in relation to scientific accounts of the beginnings of the universe - the Big Bang.

Insects Girl That Sits There Then You Came My WayInsects Girl That Sits There Then You Came My WayInsects Girl That Sits There Then You Came My WayInsects Girl That Sits There Then You Came My Way