Vibratones money side winder - - THE VIBRATONES Money/Side Winder WISCONSIN.

Night terrors are more severe than nightmares, where the sufferer will experience complete terror. They generally last anywhere from 30 seconds and up to 3 minutes, but sometimes the episodes can last longer.

Like most Leslies, the Vibratone has two speeds, dubbed chorale (slow) and tremelo (fast).  The chorale speed, also called chorus , is about 40 revolutions per minute, while the tremelo is about 340 rpm.  The chorale effect is a slow, shimmering kind of sound on which the familiar chorus pedal is based.  It can be very subtle or can wash over the whole tonality of the instrument, depending upon how it's miked.  You may or may not even notice it unless you're listening for it.  On the other hand, the tremelo effect is a fast, warbling effect that is immediately recognizable and unmistakably organ-like, though again miking will make it more or less prominent.

Vibratones Money Side WinderVibratones Money Side WinderVibratones Money Side WinderVibratones Money Side Winder