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In the anime, as a final qualifying test, Minato gave the team a bell test to test their cooperation skills. Obito could not accomplish this on his own but, by joining forces with Rin and Kakashi, they succeeded in taking the bells, teaching Obito the value of teamwork. [10] The team later participated in the Chūnin Exams , where Obito was defeated in the third round in a one-on-one match with Might Guy . Kakashi would go on to defeat Guy in a subsequent match, promoting him to chūnin and impressing Rin. Eager for Rin's attention, Obito trained relentlessly, eventually rising to the rank of chūnin himself. His excitement was short-lived as Kakashi soon afterwards became a jōnin , once again earning Rin's praise and Obito's resentment. [9]

Various 84 In 40 MinutesVarious 84 In 40 MinutesVarious 84 In 40 MinutesVarious 84 In 40 Minutes