Billy j kramer with the dakotas from a window - FROM A WINDOW CHORDS by Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas.

A : Yeah, yeah. In fact there was one time in while we were skating and one of his fellas, God bless him, I don't know which one it was, came out and he was gonna knock me down, I guess, push me down. And I had skated before and so I just defended myself and I did that, you know, and he went down, you know, and so I went on skatin' round. So about the second time around out of the corner of my eye I noticed Elvis. And the next thing I know is I'm up in the air and I do this complete flip in the air and I land on my rear end, you know, and I look up and Elvis is just laughin'. You know, he'd caught my leg, you know, or whatever, tripped me. And so he's laughin' and I'm laughin'. Fortunately I wasn't hurt. But he had torn my pants from the crotch area, just my whole seat of my pants out, you know. So I noticed that he was over in the corner talking to-- Priscilla had just come down at that time I think, whom I don't know and I didn't meet at that time. But she was in a little bleacher area and he was talkin' to her, so I go over and I said, 'Elvis, you know, when you flipped me it tore the seat of my pants out'. And he says, 'You wearin' underwear?' I says, 'Yeah'. And he says, 'It's okay'. You know, so I could continue skatin' with the seat of my pants torn out.

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In Middle Low German in the Late Middle Ages, Kramer only referred to a traveling merchant. The meaning later changed to "merchants trading with different, rather small things".

Billy J Kramer With The Dakotas From A WindowBilly J Kramer With The Dakotas From A WindowBilly J Kramer With The Dakotas From A WindowBilly J Kramer With The Dakotas From A Window