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Pesticides that are sprayed on to fields and used to fumigate soil can give off chemicals called volatile organic compounds , which can react with other chemicals and form a pollutant called tropospheric ozone . Pesticide use accounts for about 6 percent of total tropospheric ozone levels. [29]

But the insect neurotoxin cannot discriminate between honey bees and bloodsuckers. A profile of the chemical in Cornell University’s pesticide database warned  that “Naled is highly toxic to bees.”

All businesses are in the business of making money. Stop trying to demonize them for it. If you’re employed, where do you think your paycheck comes from? Do you honestly believe that if it is proven that Monsanto’s pesticides are what is killing off bee colonies that they would continue producing them and having them used where they would continue to kill bees? You people never seem to think it through–Monsanto’s people eat the same food you and I do, have families like you and I do, etc. You think they are all suicidal? Or, can you admit that you just need to have some ogre to blame because it feels good.

Vespucci first approached this realization in June 1502, during a famous chance meeting between two different expeditions at the watering stop of "Bezeguiche" (the Bay of Dakar , Senegal ) – his own outgoing expedition, on its way to chart the coast of newly discovered Brazil , and the vanguard ships of the Second Portuguese India armada of Pedro Álvares Cabral , returning home from India. Having already visited the Americas in prior years, Vespucci probably found it difficult to reconcile what he had already seen in the West Indies , with what the returning sailors told him of the East Indies . Vespucci wrote a preliminary letter to Lorenzo, while anchored at Bezeguiche, which he sent back with the Portuguese fleet – at this point only expressing a certain puzzlement about his conversations. [3] Vespucci was finally convinced when he proceeded on his mapping expedition through 1501–02, covering the huge stretch of coast of eastern Brazil. After returning from Brazil, in the Spring of 1503, Amerigo Vespucci composed the Mundus Novus letter in Lisbon to Lorenzo in Florence, with its famous opening paragraph: [4]

New Birth Honeybee Its ImpossibleNew Birth Honeybee Its ImpossibleNew Birth Honeybee Its ImpossibleNew Birth Honeybee Its Impossible