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Contact the UCAS Exam Results Helpline for free advice if you’ve received exams results that weren’t as good as you were expecting.

There are two major clearing houses in the United States: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ. The NYSE, for example, facilitates the trading of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and derivatives. It acts as the middle man in an auction market that allows brokers and other investors to buy and sell securities to people by matching the highest bidding price to the lowest selling price. Unlike the NASDAQ, the NYSE has a physical trading floor.

"I am sad to see this chapter of my life close but know that it will allow me to focus on my family, my well-being and clearing my name, while giving the show the best opportunity to succeed without further disruption."

"Self clearing has totally changed my life. I can clear any block at any time, to be who I really am and do what's important to me. It has made my relationships so much easier too!"

Welcome to the new website of Priority One Clearing Services. As we look to the future with our new online presence, we'll also take this time to reflect on the past. Here is a blog [...]

Clearing Who Is In My TempleClearing Who Is In My TempleClearing Who Is In My TempleClearing Who Is In My Temple